It is difficult to interpret what code-level measurement results tell about the metrics, quality attributes and quality characteristics of a software implementation without being able to compare the results with those of other implementations. In other words, how bad or how good the quality of a software is depends on the reference set or benchmark used.

Although QualityGate has a default benchmark defined, it is also possible to create multiple custom benchmarks by specifying which private and public projects are part of each of those benchmarks.

To create custom benchmarks, one needs to be signed in. Under Account settings, the Benchmarks tab provides one the possibility to manage custom benchmarks. By clicking on the Add new benchmark button or on the edit symbol of an existing benchmark, the benchmark editor will be opened. The following figure shows this editor.


The benchmark editor can be used to create and edit custom benchmarks. Once created, a custom benchmark is ready to be selected and applied in all the private projects.

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