Projects and branches

Creating a project

The configuration of the web client basically means adding a project to your account. In the My Private Projects box of the Private Analysis page, you can click on the Add New Project button. In the modal form, you can set the name, the language, the VCS, along with its URL, for your project.


The project must be cloneable on the machine that runs the analysis. Make sure you have set up the SSH keys for accessing the remote repository. For Git please provide an SSH url starting with git@.


Branch details

Analyses must be carried out on branches, so after you have added a new project you still have one thing to do. With the project card opened on its Branches tab, click on Add New Branch and enter a name for your branch, and you also have to set extra parameters. In case of C# analysis, extra parameters include the build parameters for your project. Here you can edit, archive or delete a branch as well.
If you edit a branch, you can list and change its extra parameters. You can archive or unarchive a branch and when doing so, the current analysis will be closed. You can also delete a branch in the project, that deletes all the analysis results data of the current branch.
Archiving or deleting frees up one slot to use.

Project details

You can edit, suspend or resume a project under the Project details menu.
If you edit a project, you can list and change its attributes like name, language, VCS, and VCS url. You can temporarily suspend an active project and you can resume it, which means it resume where it was suspended.


You can add other users to your project. These users may be assigned to a PROJECT_MANAGER role or a TEAM_MEMBER role (see: Roles). Only users with existing QualityGate subscriptions can be added. If you want to add a user with no subscription, that user has to register first. These users will be able to switch between their own accounts and the actual account where the project is created. Users can switch accounts by clicking on the email in the upper right corner, where the accessible accounts are listed in a dropdown menu.

The users on these projects will be granted project-level access only.

Deleting projects

You can delete a project under the Delete project menu. It deletes the project with all its branches and analysis results data. If a project delete is requested, it may take a while to delete the project.


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