This table lists potential elements in the source code which has impact on source code quality.

  • CodeAdvisor is a very powerful tool to help with the development by giving you advice.

    The system shows the issues to be improved in the code, prioritized and weighted. It automatically points out what the problem is with a particular code snippet, or what should be done with it and who should be work on it.

    Each issue gets a calculated score, based on which we get an initial order. This score is an index, calculated by a sophisticated algorithm, which takes into account the maintainability of the given element, the frequency of its modification, the professional and operational risks, and other things. On the score slide we can narrow the visible list of issues and advices. You can also sort these advices by different basic attributes. Opening down any advices, you can see the reasoning behindClicking on any advices will take you to the relevant code snippet in the Source Code View.


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