On these widgets you can inspect the features of code quality that interest you the most - one by one. Metrics of versions, source code elements, clone classes or clone instances as entities can be examined here.
To see the definition of each and every metric type, click here.
  • Metric values show the filtered metric values of the current entity in the selected version grouped by different metric categories. Click on any item of that metric category (Size, Documentation, Clone, Rule Violations) to see the filtered chart on the right.
  • Metric change diagram shows how a metric value of an entity changes over time in the current branch. If you highlight a metric type on the Metric values panel on the left, its changes are detailed here.
  • Branch statistics show how the averages of the selected metric value have changed over time for different source code element types. Selection can be made by the dropdown menu. Source code element type visibility on the diagram can be switched by clicking on its colored box.

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